We have 3 live demonstration circuits which have been built on the demo REL1.0 breadboard board:

RELAXATION OSCILLATOR where the use has variable frequency control and variable amplitude control
DIGITAL LOGIC NAND GATE CONTROL circuit where the user can control the output signal
A familiar 555 IC implementing an astable oscillator where the use has variable frequency control

Build Your Own Circuits Breadboard:

Large 2,692 point solderless breadboard with distribution strips and component breadboading area, User remotely controllable potentiometers: 7 x 10kR; 1 x 100kR, User remotely controllable SPST switches: x 4, User remotely controllable SPDT switches: x 4, User remotely controllable oscilloscope multiplexer inputs: 4 x 4 channels, User remotely controllable digital outputs (HI/LO signals): 16 outputs, protected DCV power supply: +5V, +12V, -12V

Basic Analog Circuit Experiments Lab:

Voltage divider biasing, DC quiescent conditions, AC performance of CE BJT, Unloaded voltage gain, Loaded voltage gain, Cascaded amplifiers, Max pk-pk output voltage, Emitter resistor by-pass voltage, Negative feedback, Differential amplifier, SCR operation, SCR dimmer, OTL amplifier

Op-amp Circuit Experiments Lab plug-in board:

Dynamic range & slew rate, Open loop, Input offset voltage & current, Common mode, Inverting amplifier, Non-inverting amplifier, Voltage follower, Summing amplifier, Differential amplifier, The integrator, The differentiator, Combined integration & differentiation, Square wave generator, Duty cycle, Triangle wave generation, Sawtooth wave generation

Combinational & Sequential Logic Lab Experiments plug-in board:

SIGNAL SOURCES: HI/LO Logic Switches x 8, 8 bit Binary Counter, 4 bit Gray Counter, 4 bit Johnson Counter
OVER 60 GATES & FLIP-FLOPS: 2, 3 & 4-input OR gates X-OR gates, 2, 3 & 4-input AND gates, Inverters, S/R, D & J/K Flip-Flops, Inverters, Finite State Machines

STUDY: Boolean logic and algebra, Combinatorial circuits, Truth tables, Karnaugh Maps, Quine-McCluskey method, Designing Synch & Asynch sequential circuits, Flip flops, State diagrams, Design of FSM, Registers, Counters, Multiplexers, Encoders etc., Introduction to HDL (Verilog)

Electrical Circuit Theory Experiments plug-in board:

PRE-WIRED EXPERIMENT CIRCUITS INCLUDE: Voltage and Current Measurements, Thevenin’s Theorem, Series and Parallel Resistance Circuits, Power, Ohm’s Law and the Series Circuits, Alternating Current Measurements, Parallel Circuits , Capacitors Charge and Discharge, Series-Parallel Circuits, RL and RC Circuits, Kirchhoff’s Laws, Second Order RLC Circuits.

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