We have 3 live demonstration circuits which have been built on the demo REL1.0 breadboard board:

RELAXATION OSCILLATOR where the use has variable frequency control and variable amplitude control
DIGITAL LOGIC NAND GATE CONTROL circuit where the user can control the output signal
A familiar 555 IC implementing an astable oscillator where the use has variable frequency control

netCIRCUITlabs Remote labs system delivers real-time control and measurement of real electronics circuits. It functions online to multiple students simultaneously. You need to have a LAN or Internet and the lab is accessible 24/7.

30 or more students can access the server at the same time. Each student can access any experiment on the APPLICATIONS board. The experiments are accessible using each student’s PC, laptop or tablet via web browser.

The netCIRCUITlabs remote hardware is a fully self-contained system. It has inbuilt test instruments including oscilloscope, spectrum analyser, cursor measurements and full function signal generator.

Users get complete control of all circuit switches and potentiometers. Users could select and view circuit waveforms & spectra at multiple test points.

There are 5 to 15 experiments per APPLICATIONS board. Each student can select any experiment on the APPLICATION board.

Experiments covering AC Amplifiers, Feedback Circuits, Differential Amplifiers, SCR Circuits, OTL Power, Amplifiers, Op-amp Circuits, Waveform Generators, Resonant Circuits & Filters, Digital Logic Gates, Combinational Logic and much more

The ‘hands-on’ approach of this virtual lab system builds student confidence. It makes the experiment satisfying as the students are free to explore and learn. When they explore more, they learn more.

Build Your Own Circuits Breadboard:

Large 2,692 point solderless breadboard with distribution strips and component breadboading area, User remotely controllable potentiometers: 7 x 10kR; 1 x 100kR, User remotely controllable SPST switches: x 4, User remotely controllable SPDT switches: x 4, User remotely controllable oscilloscope multiplexer inputs: 4 x 4 channels, User remotely controllable digital outputs (HI/LO signals): 16 outputs, protected DCV power supply: +5V, +12V, -12V

Basic Analog Circuit Experiments Lab:

Voltage divider biasing, DC quiescent conditions, AC performance of CE BJT, Unloaded voltage gain, Loaded voltage gain, Cascaded amplifiers, Max pk-pk output voltage, Emitter resistor by-pass voltage, Negative feedback, Differential amplifier, SCR operation, SCR dimmer, OTL amplifier

Op-amp Circuit Experiments Lab plug-in board:

Dynamic range & slew rate, Open loop, Input offset voltage & current, Common mode, Inverting amplifier, Non-inverting amplifier, Voltage follower, Summing amplifier, Differential amplifier, The integrator, The differentiator, Combined integration & differentiation, Square wave generator, Duty cycle, Triangle wave generation, Sawtooth wave generation

Combinational & Sequential Logic Lab Experiments plug-in board:

SIGNAL SOURCES: HI/LO Logic Switches x 8, 8 bit Binary Counter, 4 bit Gray Counter, 4 bit Johnson Counter
OVER 60 GATES & FLIP-FLOPS: 2, 3 & 4-input OR gates X-OR gates, 2, 3 & 4-input AND gates, Inverters, S/R, D & J/K Flip-Flops, Inverters, Finite State Machines

STUDY: Boolean logic and algebra, Combinatorial circuits, Truth tables, Karnaugh Maps, Quine-McCluskey method, Designing Synch & Asynch sequential circuits, Flip flops, State diagrams, Design of FSM, Registers, Counters, Multiplexers, Encoders etc., Introduction to HDL (Verilog)

Electrical Circuit Theory Experiments plug-in board:

PRE-WIRED EXPERIMENT CIRCUITS INCLUDE: Voltage and Current Measurements, Thevenin’s Theorem, Series and Parallel Resistance Circuits, Power, Ohm’s Law and the Series Circuits, Alternating Current Measurements, Parallel Circuits , Capacitors Charge and Discharge, Series-Parallel Circuits, RL and RC Circuits, Kirchhoff’s Laws, Second Order RLC Circuits.

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